You can find out if your vehicle requires chains for your trip on the day at the Mt Buller website.

Fitting Diamond Wheel Chains

Cheat Sheet

  1. Untangle Chains
  2. Slide Chain around the back of the wheel
  3. Bring ends to the top and attatch
  4. Pull Chains to the front and attach the top hook to the end link
  5. At the bottom. Thread the chain through the tensioning device or attach the link to the hook (Chain Depending)
  6. Pull Chain through both small hooks and tighten
  7. Drive forward. Check chains and retighten
  8. Do NOT exceed a speed limit of 30km/h

Fitting Ladder Wheel Chains

Cheat Sheet

  1. Untangle Chains
  2. Attach small hook to last link on the inside of tire
  3. Bring the large hook at front upwards through the tightest link
  4. Thread excess chain back onto the large hook to secure
  5. Pull backwards and lock with the link
  6. Drive forward. Check Chains and retighten.
  7. Do NOT exceed a speed limit of 30km/h

XG-12 Pro | CL-10 | CG-9 Tutorial Video

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need to fit snow chains If I’m only going to Mt Buller for 1 day?
A. If you’re visiting for the day, you may or may not need to carry chains depending on snow and road conditions. Please check the status for chain requirements by clicking here.

Q. Do I need chains for overnight visits to Mt Buller?
A. Yes. During the winter season, if you’re driving to Mt Buller and staying overnight, you will need to carry wheel chains by law. Find out more by clicking here.