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Fitting Diamond
Wheel Chains

— Cheat Sheet

  1. Untangle Chains
  2. Slide Chain around the back of the wheel
  3. Bring ends to the top and attach
  4. Pull Chains to the front and attach the top hook to the end link
  5. At the bottom. Thread the chain through the tensioning device or attach the link to the hook (Chain Depending)
  6. Pull Chain through both small hooks and tighten
  7. Drive forward. Check chains and retighten
  8. Do NOT exceed a speed limit of 30km/h

Frequently Asked

Yes, chain rental can be booked online. However, exact chain size will need to be confirmed in-person by our trained chain fitters during pick up.
We carry a large range of sizes to suit most vehicle types. 

Even if you’re visiting just for the day, all vehicles entering resort need to carry chains during the declared winter season, as required by Victorian law. 

Yes. During the declared winter season, if you’re driving to Mt Buller and staying overnight, you will need to carry wheel chains by law. 

Only fit your chains when directed by signage or by a Resort Management officer. 

ALL Vehicles entering resort need to carry chains as required by Victorian Law.