Wondering What To Do When You Arrive?

Here's a run down of our in-store Rental Process for you to familiarise yourself with what to do when you arrive in store. If you have any questions along the way, please ask one of our dedicated team members.


  • Please use the self-registration computers
  • Online Booking? Enter your “Order ID” in a computer where it asks for “Reservation Number” (This can be found in your confirmation email, note: not the shopping cart number)
  • Returning Customers can scan their B-Tag to use their existing Customer Profile
  • New customers will need to enter their details and complete the contract. This same profile will be used for other products, including Lift passes and Lesson products.
  • Please print one form per person hiring.  Add family members by using the same computer for additional family members.


  • Collect any Clothing. Jacket, Pants and Walking Boots can be collected from clothing rental.
  • Any toboggans can also be collected at the point.

STEP ③ Ski/Snowboard BOOTS

  • Ski/Snowboard boot fitting. Please be seated so that a member of staff can measure your feet and size you correctly for ski and snowboard boots. This is important to make sure that your feet will be comfortable when skiing and snowboarding.


  • Ski and Snowboard rental. Once you have your boots a Rental Technician will size you up for your skis or snowboard. they will then set the binding to fit your boots and make other safety adjustments. Helmets are now included with rental packages, so feel free to use them.


  • Line up at a cashier
    • ONLINE BOOKINGS can use the Express Lanes (In specific stores)
  • Here your rentals and/or reservation will be processed and any B-tag, lift/lesson products printed (Please note: these may be on a different order number)
  • Any additional items can also be paid for

Time To Hit The Slopes

If you have any questions or problems during your stay. Please feel free to pop into any of our 4 on mountain stores and our staff will be able to assist you.